Wednesday, 2 January 2008

2008 - a Challenging year for Ipswich and Labour

2008 has started in what should be a challenging year for both Ipswich and the Labour Party.
That is the Labour Party both locally and nationally.
In Ipswich we have to get over the disappointment of not getting Unitary status and continue where we left off in 2007, of campaigning hard all over the town. We have been the only visible party on the doorsteps over the last 12 months but I already can see the Lib Dems and Tories starting to peer out from where they have been hiding, (in the Tories case for the last 8 months and in the Lib Dems case the last 18 months!)
Nationally and locally I believe the Labour Party is up for the challenge and especially in Ipswich are way ahead of both opposition parties in finding out and acting on the views of Ipswich residents.
Concerns for Ipswich residents?
1. The continuation of the Tory policy to keep allowing flats to be built rather than family homes.
2. The Closure of Cranes- another Ipswich manufacturing firm planning to leave the town.
3. The Tory plan to build a waste incinerator in Suffolk
4. Ipswich to get promotion.

Labour are the only choice when it comes to concerns 1 to 3. Ipswich getting promotion? After the Christmas games away from Fortress Portman Road it looked as unlikely as the Tories building houses on the northern fringe but after a fantastic New Years day win over WBA- Who knows?
But like many Town fans, though I welcome the cash injection into the club, I am concerned about the long term interests of our new owner.
So my hopes for 2008?
Labour to regain control of Ipswich - (including the return of a Labour Councilor to the Rushmere Ward)
Family homes to be built rather than more dockside flats.
A new major manufacturer to be found to take over the Crane site on Nacton Road.
The Tories and Lib Dems to return to the rocks they have been hiding under.
And of course promotion for Ipswich Town.
Have a happy 2008.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Labour is not going to win I hope they never again Win another election, this pretend Labour party is not the party I fought for and work hard for, it's a carbon copy of Thatchers Tories.