Tuesday, 26 April 2016

When waiting for a train to rural Suffolk.....

Ben Gummer our MP voted last night to stop the United Kingdom bringing in 3,000 child refugees. It was a shameful act in anyone's eyes.

When he is next at Liverpool Street Station, (delayed again by the railway he single handily improved) on the way to his home in (rural?) Suffolk he should take time to study the two statues to the  Kindertransport children that are on the station concourse. Taking in the 'Kindertransport' children is one of the finest example of what this country should stand for, the standards we set for ourselves and others. The way he voted last night just indicated we are now being run by a group of selfish people.

Would love to know how he came to the decision to vote to keep these children out - then again would also like to know how he is willing to back up his boss Hunt and not enter into negotiations with Junior Doctors?

As a child I was fortunate enough to be able to meet and speak with Tom Gondris, a Labour councilor who escaped from Germany as a child refugee- maybe Mr Gummer should visit Tom and speak with him - and he may then have not voted the way he did (unless his career comes above everything?)

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Ipswich Tories - more hypocrisy over building homes

A couple of weeks ago I found myself writing a blog after reading an Ipswich Tory leaflet. The blog post can be found here.

The leaflet was certainly not factual but it was their comments on house building that really angered me, the Tories wrote;

“House building in Ipswich has stalled and more needs to be done. Ipswich needs family homes yet this council is failing to provide them. We would make building quality family homes – and the infrastructure accompanying them – one of our top priorities.”

My post highlighted the fact that it was Ben Gummer, Nadia Cenci and both the local Tory Councilors (and  Lib Dems) and the Tory  County Council who were putting obstacles in the way of us getting more homes built in Ipswich.

Then this week I was given even more proof that it is the Ipswich Tories who do not want to see homes built. I received a copy of the Tory leaflet for Priory Heath Ward and it included the same paragraph blaming Ipswich Labour for stalling house building but then in a classic piece of Tory hypocrisy the  Tory candidate  takes credit (!!!) for stopping Labour run Ipswich Council of building homes on Ravenswood (on land that is already designated for home building)

So we now even have a Tory candidate admitting it is not Ipswich Labour that has caused home building in Ipswich to become stalled but it was the Tories - including himself!

Friday, 22 April 2016

North East Ipswich Labour team - standing up for local schools

Labour for education

The failings of Tory education policy

  • Local primary and secondary schools all oversubscribed
  • Tory Suffolk looking for a school site in town centre!
  • Tory Government forcing schools to become Academies – removing parent governors
  • Tory Government create chaos to the secondary exam system in confusing transition to new A level and GCSE qualifications
  • Tory Government introduce highly criticised primary curriculum
  • Teacher morale dangerously low with strikes now threatened
  • Teacher recruitment targets missed and shortages rise

Tory cuts

  • Possible closure of specialist centre at Sidegate
  • Pupil Referral Units to be amalgamated or closed?
  • Sixth form college funding reduced

Labour councillors support local schools

  • Northgate electric car project
  • Community Garden project at Copleston and Britannia
  • Lapwing Education for complex needs children

  • Labour run Ipswich increased parking officers at schools to help with safety of pupils

Labour protect services to help families

Despite Government cuts to council funding, Labour run Ipswich is protecting and improving parks, swimming pools, the Regent theatre, sports centres & school holiday programmes.

Labour for families

Labour Councillors will -

  • Fight for new Primary School in NE Ipswich
  • Keep supporting school projects
  • Improve parks, pools & sports centres

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Six good reasons to remain in the EU (with an Ipswich angle)

These people being involved in the 'Leave' campaign should be good enough reason for anyone to vote to 'Remain' in the EU!

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Ipswich Tories are right- house building has stalled (but stalled by who?)

Ipswich Tory leaflets have always read more like a fantasy story than a document of facts and public information but this year they have really gone out of their way to persuade the Ipswich public that they (the Ipswich Tories ) do live in a world of self denial!

One of my proudest achievements is to have been part of a Labour Council that is just completing one of the largest council house building projects in a generation in Bader Close and my proudest personal achievement as a councillor has been that I helped enable two roads of new Council houses and flats in Whitehouse Estate be named after two Ipswich (and Whitehouse) soldiers who lost their lives serving their country.

But if you read the latest Ipswich Tory leaflets you would have thought we have not built a single home – the Ipswich Tories (make it up as we go along) PR machine informs us;

“House building in Ipswich has stalled and more needs to be done. Ipswich needs family homes yet this council is failing to provide them. We would make building quality family homes – and the infrastructure accompanying them – one of our top priorities.”

Fact is we would like to build more Council homes and see developers start some large building projects – but we keep coming up against barriers – and these obstacles have been placed in front of us by local Tories from MPs ben Gummer and Dan Poulter to local Tory leader Nadia Cenci and a combination of Tory Borough and County Councillors.

You could suggest ‘I would say that’ but unlike the Tory leaflet I can back my views with facts.

Labour run Ipswich proposed and gained permission for a large development of council houses at Ravenswood in South East Ipswich. Tory Cllr Cenci called our decision in, they were not happy with the amount of social housing – after her ‘call in’ was thrown out they then got Ben Gummer the Tory MP to get Eric Pickles to call the Borough decision in – this was disappointing but only to be expected as Mr Gummer looked for easy votes but what has been disgraceful is that over a year later we are still waiting for this Tory Government to tell us if we can or can’t start to build these much needed family homes. So Cllr Cenci – your right house building has stalled but not because of a Labour Council but because of the actions of you, Ben Gummer and Eric Pickles.

Then we have the Northern Fringe development, the original plan was actually put through by the last Tory/Lib Dem administration – but they needed help from us as 6 Tory Councillors voted against the plan as they wanted NO HOMES built north of Valley Road.

But once we took back power in Ipswich the Tories (and Lib Dems) have become slightly less keen on the building of a large estate in the north of the town. Mr Gummer at first complained about the proposed location of the cricket green! Since then he has written to many residents ( in the build up to the election) stating why he could not support the proposed development. Cllr Cenci went further and distributed an expensive leaflet (with her name on) stating that the new build would see current residents have their commute to work or leisure time increased, they asked for residents views that they would then pass to to Borough Council. I filled in their consultation – but have heard nothing back! Did they ever hand the consultation findings (13 months ago) to the Borough? I ask as some may have seen the whole campaign as a way of farming email addresses! I look forward to reading the results of their consultation – after 56 weeks you would have thought it was ready for publication.

Now I agree with the Tories, we need infrastructure to support the Northern Fringe development but to bill for that must fall to the developer, the TORY County Council and the TORY Government – you may have spotted a theme here.

So have the Tories helped get that much needed infrastructure – no! Dan Poulter MP, declared rather than a northern link road we should just have a tunnel under the Orwell (along with the pie in the sky) Mr Gummer has managed to gain funding for a road- but not the much needed northern link road but for a (possible) Wet Dock Crossing. Which of those two schemes (Northern link Road or Wet Dock crossing) would lead to the building of much needed homes?

Then we have the housing development in East Ipswich – St Clement’s – the local Tories wanted the application turned down and a park built instead!

Ready for a shock statement? IPSWICH TORIES ARE RIGHT! House building has stalled in Ipswich – but the people who have helped stall it are Tories – Ben Gummer, Nadia Cenci, Dan Poulter, John Carnall, Eric Pickles, Robin Vickery, David Goldsmith, all take a bow you have helped deprive Ipswich residents of homes.

The leaflet also has a few other classics from Tory fantasy land – it tells us congestion in the town has become unbearable – forgetting to add that TORY run Suffolk has just wasted £20 million on ‘Travel Ipswich’ and to finish the leaflet off and to pretend they are community minded – they have a picture of the Whitehouse Skate Park – not surprising they forget to mention it was built with help from funding by the local Area Committee – the same committee they wanted to scrap!

If you want homes built for your families in Ipswich – Vote Labour not for the ‘Stalling Tories’