Saturday, 13 September 2008

Good and bad politicians.

Politicians get a bad press but in most cases that is unfair and in East Anglia we are fortunate to have a fantastic Labour MEP in Richard Howitt, not only does he do a great job for the Eastern region at the European Parliament but he also campaigns all over the east. He also sends out a very informative newsletter.
Below is an interesting article from his September/October newsletter.

In a recent survey in the East Anglian Daily Times on the openness of our region's Euro MP's in relation to claiming their expenses. Richard was described as "number one" for transparency. But the best bit is still to come! Two of the Tory MEP's and both UKIP MEP's refused to give details of the amount they claimed. But for comic value the Lib Dem MEP, Andrew Duff takes the biscuit, he declined to give amounts for travel or subsistence saying "I have no idea how many days I worked last year." And as Richard answers " neither do we know how many days he works!"

Andew Duff the Lib Dem MEP who doesn't know how many days he works!

To read more abour Richard Howitt and the good work he does, check his website, here.

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