Monday, 15 June 2009

Hazel Blears- too late to come crawling back

Hazel Blears let down the Labour Party and it's members. I actually like some of the stuff she said in her campaign to be deputy Prime Minister, her close links with her Labour roots, working class girl 'made good', her push for the parliamentary party to be closer to those of us out campaigning every week. I was also impressed by her use of new technology, tied in with good old knocking on doors, shaking hands and talking to people.

Then she acts like a spoilt child who has her toys taken off her! She quits just before the Euro and County elections- her aim to damage Gordon Brown. She did that bur she also kicked in the teeth those who campaign week in week out, and especially those who had spent every spare minute of the last 4 weeks fighting a campaign that was difficult anyway.

Now she has changed her tune! Her interviews this weekend have been very emotional, now I am not saying that she is not upset, I am sure she is, but partly because she realises she made a big mistake, she is from a strong Labour family and I am sure those in the North West who know her better will rally round her but I hope some there are honest enough to tell her that she had let them as well as us down.

The 'rocking the boat' brooch just made her quitting look more like an act of a teenager playing up because she is not allowed to go out Saturday night.

The election was always going to be hard for Labour this time but we suffered more than others because of the expenses controversy, even though more Tories were caught with their noses in the trough, but lets face it Hazel, you were caught ' playing the system' and that is when you should of quit.

I am sure she will bounce back, and that she will work hard in the Manchester area, but for many of us in the Labour movement we feel betrayed by her actions - maybe she should go on 'You Tube' and explain her real reasons for going.

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