Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Dumbarton Road Youth shelter

This Thursday (20th August) I will be in Sangin, helping their election day go well but in Ipswich and in particular Rushmere Ward, there will also be an important event.
The new Dumbarton Road Youth shelter will be officially opened by my fellow Rushmere councilor, Eileen Smith.
The project has been the brainchild of my Labour colleague Sue Thomas who led the way on the project along with the North East Ipswich Police Safer Neighbourhood Team.
The shelter is already being used by youngster's from the Rushmere Estate and there are already plans to use it by the older members of the community for one of their functions.
The opening will see the local Police play a football game against local teenagers.

Well done to the North East Ipswich SNT and to Sue Thomas who had the vision and the determination to see the project through.

Once again showing that Labour has the right priorities for Rushmere, unlike the Tories with their Humber Doucy Road signs!


mnottingham said...

Good luck in your duties. I've posted a small tribute.

Anonymous said...

The recession is now heading to a crisis in public sector finances. Redundancies with an increase in unemployment. Hard times for everyone, but IBC can afford ten's of thousands of tax payers money on a Youth shelter, to move a problem from one area to another.