Saturday, 15 May 2010

Labour will keep fighting!

Campaigning hard- The 'Smart' thing to do! We worked hard for the Ipswich constituents in the early 90's and we will do the same again now.

Labour will keep fighting in Ipswich, as we have always done. As we now find ourselves back under a Conservative Government ( forget the Lib Dem bit) we find ourselves having to work even harder for our constituents. The Lib Dems in Ipswich had an opportunity to help the people of Ipswich but they decided to continue supporting the minority Conservative group on Ipswich Borough Council. So we find ourselves under a Tory Government, Tory County Council and a Tory/Lib Dem Borough Council.

So what can we do? The answer is work and campaign harder, that is what we have always done in Ipswich and that is why next year Ipswich will find itself back with a Labour Led Council, looking after residents and at the next General Election we will find ourselves back under a Labour Government with Ipswich represented by a Labour MP.

We will be campaigning in Rushmere Ward and all over Ipswich from Monday, the fightback has started.

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