Friday, 12 November 2010

Ben Gummer - an apology

"Following receipt of a letter from Ben Gummer's agent, I can now let constituents know that Mr Gummer has, by his agent's account got a fully staffed office at IP City Centre on Wherstead Road. Hopefully he will soon have an active website and we can look forward to the day when his twitter account is updated to reflect he is now the MP rather than candidate for Ipswich. If anyone is interested in helping Ben get on top of managing these issues, he is currently advertising for an office manager."

Ben Gummer
@ben4ipswich Ipswich
Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Ipswich

The fact is that is it may be easy for the 'Evening Star' to find our MP, to ask him questions about the Iceni Project, Andrea Hill's pay (but very few questions about cuts planned by Suffolk County Council) It is far more difficult for Ipswich constituents to get hold of him compared to when Chris Mole was our MP.
With the planned reforms to the welfare state, it is more important than ever that our MP is readily available to constituents - an office that is easy to find, an up to date website plus surgeries where an appointment is not needed but where you can just drop into meet your MP. He could even share a surgery location with the MP for North Ipswich. Over to you Mr Gummer (and agent)


A Riverside View said...

Hi Alasdair,

Can you tell us what Ipswich Labour's position is on Iceni?

You also rather queit on the subject.

Alasdair Ross said...

I can give you my own view rather than the Group view - Iceni is a fantastic Charity and I hope that it will be able to continue. I am concerned that the blame for closure is being put on one organisation whilst Suffolk County Council seems to be escaping blame free. Both the Tory run County Council and Ipswich Borough council have not got a great record supporting local groups- the way the Tories turned their backs on the Ipswich Carribean Club is one example.
Iceni must continue and who ever hold the purse strings needs to support this worthwhile charity. 'Big Society' thinking does seem to think it is not the responsability of local or national Government.
But I and I know those in the Labour Group who I have spoken to, want to see Iceni continue and call on SCC, PCT and the National Govt to ensure the charity gets the funding it requires.

Anonymous said...

Ben Gummer has been MP for 6.5 months and still no website. How odd.