Sunday, 3 April 2011

No 2 AV - Nasty campaign!

For once in my life, I can be described as 'undecided' - still to be convinced one way or the other on AV. Part of me wants to give Clegg another bloody nose and vote 'No2AV' but then part of me thinks that AV may be a way of getting the trust of the electorate back.

But I may now be voting 'Yes' and the reason? The nasty campaign being run by the Tory Party/ 'No2AV' campaign.

The latest advert below was the last straw, soldiers do need body armour (not bullet proof vests) and they will continue to get them issued, but there is no doubt that our Forces will face a shortage of equipment (and men) over the next few years, but not because of the cost of funding AV. No, the lack of equipment will be down to the severe cuts that Cameron and Dr Fox are forcing upon our Armed Forces, that coupled with an ill thought out plan for Libya are the reasons why our men and women on the front line will go short of vital equipment, not implementing AV.

Next they will be blaming AV for the scrapping of School Crossing Patrols!

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Daniel Defoe said...

I agree with you completely, Alasdair.

The body armour piece was straight out of Gordon Brown's handbook, and on a par with the lovely cancer postcard I received in the General Election.

The Yes side is not a lot better.

Time those in politics started telling the truth and winning the argument on its merits.