Monday, 2 May 2011

Nasty leaflet fron the Nasty Party

Whilst out talking to residents in Rushmere Ward, Ipswich this morning, I was handed the latest Tory leaflet - and it does not make good reading.
It just stinks, a total negative leaflet with false claims and just a feeling of nastiness. what makes it worse is that Ben Gummer our MP is stupid enough to add his name to the leaflet.

They start with claiming that we should all vote for Stephen Ion, as our Labour candidate, Tracey Grant does not live in the Ward. Ion also lives outside the Ward, but to prove their point they draw a map of Ipswich showing where Tracey lives!
Nasty - will they be doing the same in Stoke Park? - Will they be telling their supporters to vote for Labour and Barry Studd as their Councillor/Candidate - Pope, lives on the other side of the town? No, I am sure they won't.

When we get over the negative bits, we then get into the supposed positives in voting for Ion.
According to the leaflet he has been working hard for Rushmere Residents for the last 15 years, funny as he stood in St Margaret's (where he lives ) last year, and he has also stood (and lost) in St Clement's, Priory Heath and St Johns (never living in any of them).
He also claims to have been working closely with the current Tory Councillors, funny as an earlier Tory leaflet in Rushmere this year had a Mrs Kelly helping Judy Terry - no mention of Mr Ion.
He also claims to have reintroduced 'grass grid' reinforcing on some of our verges, funny how he has done that and he is not even a Councillor! Has he used his own money?
Then he mentions the poor state of Humber Doucy Lane - what he does not mention is that money was wasted in Humber Doucy Lane on stupid signs and flowers- but all in the Bixley (Tory safe seat) part of the road.

It seems to many that Mrs Kelly was going to stand for the Tories (she lives in the Ward) but was replaced by Stephen Ion earlier in the year and that over the last few years, he has not been helping Rushmere residents but standing (and losing) in seats all over the town.

Then there are the two topics that are not mentioned - if he has been talking to residents and working with the Tory Councillors over the last few months you would have thought he would have mentioned the loss of the School Crossing Patrol outside Sidegate Primary School or the proposed closure of Rosehill Library- but surprise, surprise - no mention of either.

The Tory agent complained earlier in the year that I had been unfair to Mr Gummer in one of my blog posts, about the lack of an office and a website, to be fair to Mr Gummer he now has an office but still no website (almost a year since being elected) and on the webpage you can find - no phone number for his office. So you would think someone so quick to complain would make sure his own party's leaflets were correct.

Some would say that because the Tories have had to revert to drawing maps of Ipswich and producing negative they are getting desperate - I think we all know they are desperate when Judy Terry announced a U Turn in the County plans for Suffolk Libraries. To announce it yesterday it meant that most of the consultation responses had not even been read, what a waste of time and money - Mrs Terry and her Tory colleagues are running scared.

On Thursday, I urge you to vote for Tracey Grant, who will be a fine Councillor for Rushmere and I am sure I will be able to form a strong partnership with her, that will benefit the residents of Rushmere- oh by the way - I do live in the ward, so no need to print a map next year Mr Ion.

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