Friday, 8 July 2011

Change their tune?

This week we have heard the Tory MP for Suffolk Coastal, Therese Coffey actually defend Rebekah Brooks, stating that the campaign against Rebekah was 'a developing witch hunt'. Not sure I heard her defend Andrea Hill in the same way when she was under attack from her fellow Suffolk MP's.

24 hours later and Therese Coffey MP is involved in a number of arguments on twitter as she attempts to distance herself from her earlier comment.

This is what she said in the House of Commons - "Therese Coffey, Con: “News International has not helped themselves… but they did finally act”. Calls the campaign against Rebekah Brooks “a developing witch hunt”

Seems like a defence of News International to me- a view that I seem to share with Helen Goodman MP and many others on twitter.

Now Therese, I would not worry too much, your fellow Tory, Boris Johnson has no problem attacking News International this week but only last year he had this to say on phone hacking (probably after being briefed by the friend of the PM- Andy Coulson)
Boris Johnson dismissed continuing concerns over the News of the World's use of phone hacking as "codswallop" that "looks like a politically motivated put-up job by the Labour party".

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