Sunday, 14 August 2011

My week ahead 14 -20 August 2011

Monday 15 August 2pm - North East Partnership Meeting - Listening to our local SNT Police team, on how they dealt with the events last week.

6pm - Campaigning in Holywells ward, Ipswich - Getting the views of and informing residents about the plan to switch lights off in streets from September

Tuesday 16 August 7.45pm - Football at Portman Road - Someones has to go!

Wednesday 17 August 9am - Planning Committee - Grafton House

Thursday 18 August 11am - Essex cricket at Colchester

Saturday 20 August 10.30am - Campaigning on the doorstep in Ipswich

Last week I spent most days delivering the new Rushmere Rose in Ipswich but also managed to find time to knock on doors in Holywells Ward. Most residents did not seem aware that their street lights will be turned off by the County Council in September. As I have stated before, I agree that it is a good idea to switch off lights between midnight and 5.30am in the morning. what the county should have done is informed residents of the plan with at least an information leaflet. At least they are now putting signs up in the streets in the weeks before the lights are switched off. Hopefully with the Suffolk County Council logo on the notice, it will stop the Tory supporting blogs telling all who will listen that it is the Borough Council who are behind the light switch off.

I also attended a meeting about the plan for the building of the new Ipswich Academy with Labour councillors from South East Ipswich, it will create a fantastic environment for learning, even if the budget is almost half of what was initially promised in the 'Building Schools for the Future' scheme.


Gavin Maclure said...

Who is saying the Borough is switching street lights off? If true, they should not be saying this.

Alasdair Ross said...

Both Jmaes Spencer and Kevin on their blogs seems to think that IBC can decide when lights go on and off as we are the agents.

I am not against the lights going off but there should have been more publicity and their should have been a procedure in place for residents to object.