Sunday, 4 December 2011

Do Ipswich Tories talk to each other?

Today the former Tory leader of Ipswich Borough Council, Liz Harsant has blogged about some bollards being placed in Gladstone Road. She was so pleased she even said 'Thank you' to the council - Read more here about Gladstone Road

Liz Harsant mentions that residents have complained about indiscriminate parking - did Liz Harsant ask for the bollards?

The reason why I ask, is that former Tory Councillor Gavin Maclure has also put up a post about the same issue here. Now Gavin lives in Gladstone Road along with his wife who is also a Tory councillor and former portfolio holder for transport in the Borough. He seems to have a slightly different opinion about the bollards, he states; "However, the Council has still found time to put up five bollards on a pavement on my road, supposedly to stop cars parking on the pavement (although I only ever saw one car), but it is totally unnecessary as there are already double yellow lines...pure incompetence and waste!"

So are the bollards a good idea like ex Tory leader Lz Harsant states or "pure incompetence and waste"? The senior Tories in Ipswich can't seem to make their mind up!

Also on Liz Harsant's blog she mentions that she is happy that the council may put a stop to their new grass management plan, as the residents were against it. What surprises me is that at no stage has Liz Harsant mentioned that the new Grass Management idea was one her administration (when she was leader) came up with. Plus the savings this new scheme would make were already included in her budget! So it seems the Tories were happy to come up with all these schemes to help cut Council Tax by 1 % and then once they lost power say how stupid the schemes were. Double standards?


ariversideview said...

Alasdair, on Gavin's post he said "Therefore, I decided to contact one of my ward councillors, Cllr Liz Harsant, to find out what was or isn't happening. The Council officer in charge of the scheme gave Liz an update:" so the answer to your question "Do Ipswich Tories talk to each other?" is obvously "Yes."

Alasdair Ross said...

But they did not speak about the bollards did they?

What about the Grass Mangement plan - seems Cllr Harsant did not even know about it and she was leafer, same with the question mark sculpture?

Ken Bates said...

I believe that the new area committees that are proposed (already decided if you're Sandy Martin), will have that as part of their responsibilities.

Ken Bates said...

As for the "Question Mark", that was part of the original planning application.