Sunday, 14 June 2015

My week ahead, 15 - 21 June 2015

Monday 15 June, 6pm – Labour Group campaigning

Tuesday 16 June, 5pm – Presentation of teams from the Aviva Women’s Cycling Tour at Bury St Edmunds

Wednesday 17 June, 9am – Start of the Aviva Women’s Tour from Bury St Edmunds
7pm – Televised Labour Leadership Hustings at the Station Hotel

Thursday 18 June, 6pm – Councillor training- safeguarding

I am using this blog post as a reminder to local Rushmere residents about the consultation on the possible move of the Brunswick Road Post Office. Cllr Sandra Gage and myself have passed on to the Post Office a number of concerns of local residents. These concerns include the removal of the cash point machine, the layout of the new shop and the ability to use cheques. Residents are also concerned about what will happen to the current post office bickering and more importantly building when or if it is vacated.

This week I also attended the Central Area Committee meeting, again it showed the lack of regard the Tory run County Council have for Ipswich and its residents. They declined an invite to the meeting to talk about air pollution and also seem intent on going for the cheapest option on a traffic calming method when the junction that requires the measures is an accident hot spot and those accidents have resulted in at least one fatality.

This week we see the televised leadership hustings for the Labour Party, so far the leadership race has seen little bickering between the candidates and in fact what the leadership race has helped with, is a desire to debate the future direction of the Labour Party. Of course the candidates do not agree on everything but they have not resorted to ‘cheap shots’ or stupid arguments, unlike the Tory Party, who may not have a leadership race but are certainly tearing each other apart over Europe. Trouble is when they do that it is the people of Britain who suffer the consequences.

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