Sunday, 26 July 2015

My week ahead, 27 July - 1 August 2015

Monday 27 July, 6pm – Labour Group meeting

Saturday 1 August, 10am – Labour campaigning, North Ipswich

Back into full time campaigning again after a very short Summer break, we have also had a number old new members join the party and it has great to see many get involved with the local party so soon after joining.

A number may join just to vote in the leadership election but i have found that all the new members I have met who have joined since May have become Labour members to help campaign for a better country. We had over 70 members turn up to hear Tom Watson, one of our Deputy Leader candidates speak at the Kingfisher pub in Ipswich.

When it comes to the leadership contest I have still not decided who I am going to vote for, the right wing press are having a field day in the support that Jeremy Corbyn seems to be gaining from Labour members, I understand his appeal to many members in particular his anti-austerity stance but I will not be voting for him because of his non-committal stance over Europe and because I am still not sure that his views have changed much from when he voiced opinions over the future of Northern Ireland.

But I am not surprised that many members may support him, but it does make me laugh when local Tories mention it and indicate it is sort of display of weakness within the Labour Party, imagine if we asked Tory activists to vote for a new leader? I am sure anyone who said get out of the EU now and bring back hanging would gain plenty of support from Tory activists but that does not mean that person could lead them to power.

The leadership election will continue to get the right wing press into a state of hysteria but we will just ignore their partisan views and I am sure Labour members and supporters will make the right choice.

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