Sunday, 10 June 2007

Deputy leader- Hain for me.

Received my ballot papers for the Deputy Leadership election- seemed simple to understand, proving that elections can be done without just have to revert to the one cross - one vote method- maybe we can advise Scotland how to do it next time!

Peter Hain got my vote-reasons- well he came to Ipswich (and is coming again this week) and I was impressed with his speech and more importantly in the answers he gave to questions put my Labour Party members from Ipswich.

An interest in Northern Ireland has also found me admire him for pushing Sinn Fein and the likes of Ian Paisley together and for seeing the Blair policy on Northern Ireland through to the end. Iraq has taken away what has been a magnificent result in bringing a sense of normality back to this troubled part of Britain.

My second choice was Hillary Benn, I feel he is one for the future and the Office of Deputy Leader (and possibly Deputy prime Minister) will be an excellent position from which he can not only learn but we also will be able to see if he is the high quality politician we hope he is.

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Anonymous said...

Naturally, I do not have a vote, but if I had it would have been Harriet Harman as number one and John Cruddas two.

To be frank, it's an uninspiring field and I doubt if the winner will be made deputy prime minister. I can't honestly see Peter Hain reconnecting the leadership with the rank-and-file. That goes for Hilary Benn and - I'm sorry to day - the quite awful Hazel Blears, who'll be lucky to keep her job as Labour "chair."