Friday, 21 March 2008

£220,000 for a Chief executive or keep a Day Care Centre open? You decide

Andrea Hill- £440,000 for two years and then look for another new job?

The Tories at Suffolk County council are playing a strange game!

They hire a new Chief Executive, nothing wrong with that you may say but they not only hire one but give them a £70,000 rise on top of the pay of the last chief executive. Now that should be enough to upset all those of us who live in Suffolk but what really hurts is that Suffolk County Council is almost certain to disappear in two years time as the Boundary Commission is currently looking at setting up a number of Unitary Councils within the County.

Now that £70,000 would have been far better spent on keeping day care centres such as the Crabbe Street centre on this side of Ipswich open.

It may be that the Tories are playing a more sinister game- is Andrea Hill being bought in from Bedfordshire to help fight the County/Tory case on Unitary- how much more money are the Torie's going to spend on fighting a losing battle (and that is our money- council tax-not theirs).

Funny thing is that Andrea Hill was about to be out of a job as Bedfordshire is about to be wound up!

It should make pay talks for the rest of the staff who work for the county more interesting- a £70,000 precedence should be a good bargaining point for the union.

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