Sunday, 30 March 2008

From the half way line!

Borussia Dortmund not playing at Dumbarton Road!
I enjoy getting out and delivering leaflets in the ward, you get to see what is happening and you can keep a lookout for issues that you can raise with the local council on behalf of residents. you also get to see thing that make you angry and also things that amuse you.

Today I was delivering in Dumbarton Road and a Sunday morning football match was being played on Dumbarton Road Recreation Ground, it looked like the second half was just about to start, I stopped to watch for a few minutes and could not have timed it better, the kick off is taken and a forward takes a planned shot from the halfway line- ping- and the goalie is stranded and in it goes- almost Beckhamesque in it's delivery! To make it better the goal scorer is playing for a team decked out in the latest Ipswich Town colours. Later on as I was finishing Dumbarton Road, I saw another goal but it seemed like the half way line special may have been a lone bit of magic as this time it was the team in the Borussia Dortmund colours who scored and they seemed to be cruising through the game. It did make the delivering a bit more enjoyable and I will aim to deliver my next leaflet to Dumbarton Road on a Sunday morning- next time it be an overhead kick that leads to goal or a Pablo Cournago style back heel!

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