Sunday, 3 October 2010

People of Suffolk - wake up and smell the roses

For those who think the Tories will only make cuts where they really need to, you need to read the comments from a leading Suffolk Tory- Colin Noble, Tory Portfolio Holder for adult and community services has told the EADT that the cuts will be big - his own words are:

“But when people say you are only doing this to save money, they need to wake up and smell the roses. The cuts are coming and they will be big.”

His leader Pembroke said he did not have a clue what cuts are going to be made (said just before he jetted off on holiday)

Well we know one cut - no Road Crossing patrol person outside Sidegate School, well that's 2 grand saved (oh and the few extra quid George Osborne is going to save by buying his own Christmas Tree for Number 11)

Cuts before children's safety - never saw that on a Ben Gummer leaflet!

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