Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Save our Sidegate School Road Crossing Patrol

Today, I joined parents, grandparents , residents and more importantly children outside Sidegate Primary School in Ipswich. We were there to start our campaign to tell the Tory run Suffolk County Council that they are making a mistake in not replacing our Road Crossing Patrol when our current lollipop lady stops at half term.

One of the reasons our current lady is giving up is because the road is so dangerous. Over 170 people signed our petition in just the first 15 minutes.

Tory run Suffolk County Council and 200 grand a year Andrea Hill, you have got a fight on. We will not let our children's safety be put at risk for the sake of just £2,000!


Anonymous said...

Is it true that local councillor Judy Terry is a cabinet member on Suffolk County Council and therefore one of the people directly responsible for this fiasco?

Alasdair Ross said...

yes she is