Friday, 1 June 2012

Brunswick Road- Garage site now cleared

In April I blogged about the long drawn out case of trying to get an untidy site in Rushmere Ward cleared up by the owners. In the end Ipswich Borough Council had to use the threat of legal action against the owner to get a promise that the site would be cleared. The garages are located between Brunswick Road and Belvedere Road (near Whitby Road) and the site is owned by local firm Elizabeth Holdings.If you follow this link you can see what the site did look like.

You can now see that the site has been cleared, but I am still comcerned that the tyres have just been pushed into the garages so still a hazard to residents if the site was to catch fire.

The local Tories have attempted to take credit for the clearance, I do believe that the only reason the site was cleaned up by the owner was because the council were prepared to go to court. I am sure residents are not concerned who got the area cleaned but are just happy that it has been dealt with.

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DerSal said...

Well done Mr Ross for taking up this worring problem and getting a solution resolved.its a pity it had to be resolved with the threat of court action, the landlord needs to be accountable for his property & not let this situation arise again.