Sunday, 12 May 2013

My week ahead, 13 - 19 May 2013

Monday 13 May – 4pm – Culture Portfolio meeting
6pm – Labour Group meeting

Wednesday 15 May – 6pm Annual Meeting of Ipswich Borough Council, Town Hall

Saturday 18 May – Labour campaigning in North East Ipswich

This week seemed strange, no doors to knock on, no leaflets to deliver but rather than being thankful for the rest I felt bored and also felt the need to be out campaigning. Good news for me is that we will (Ipswich Labour) be back on the doorstep this Saturday!

But I have managed to spend some of the week speaking to Rushmere residents, on Friday we had the launch of the ‘No Cold Call’ zone (NCZ) in Whitby Road. Now a certain Tory will say we are taking the credit for something that was the brainchild of our former Tory County Councillor! But the force behind the Whitby Road scheme was a resident (as it should be for the setting up of a NCZ) and Labour activist and she was assisted by our new County Councillor, Sandra Gage. Sandra had got a NCZ set up in Meadowvale Close and she was able to help the Whitby residents work alongside Suffolk Trading Standards to get the scheme operating. Our former Tory County Councillor has had nothing to do with the scheme.

The launch of the NCZ did give me a chance to ask the Treading Standard officers how they intended to implement the Suffolk Tory manifesto policy of a Suffolk wide NCZ – from their answers it seemed obvious that they had not been consulted on the proposal and secondly they did not think it would work!

On Wednesday we have the formal business of the Annual Council meeting, let’s just hope the Tories do not use it as they have in the past to make stupid little points of order!


Anonymous said...

Do I understand correctly that an ACZ means that no politician can call?

Alasdair Ross said...

No politicians can still call - not sure from your comment if you think that is good or bad?