Thursday, 28 January 2016

Good way to help save Ipswich 'Park & Ride'

The two Ipswich 'Park & Ride' schemes in Ipswich are under threat from cuts to be implemented by the Tory County Council - they mention under use, well hope they read the Ipswich Star today, in a great article by regular columnist, Lynne Mortimer she asks if all our County Councilors are taking full advantage of the 'Park & Ride' when they come to Ipswich to attend meetings.

As Colin Noble and all his Cabinet are from outside Ipswich, it would be a good way of backing the scheme plus reducing congestion (if only by a few cars ) in the town.

I guess that the answer may be none of them use the scheme as they have a free car park in the town! Maybe sell the car park and use the money to invest in our Fire service rather than cut it and at the same time help keep the 'Park & Ride' schemes.

Over to you Mr Noble and the Tory (non-Ipswich) Cabinet!

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