Thursday, 2 March 2017

Remember when we showed we were a country that cared

The people of Britain still care - many of us have spent time helping others, we welcome those who are escaping from persecution, hunger and war.

Our trouble is that we have a Tory Government attempting to be more right wing and unwelcoming as UKIP.

Many of our local Tory MPs voted to scrap the 'Dubs' amendment.

I imagine that many of them don't care about others but you do hope at least a few of them feel embarrassed as they hurry past the two statues remembering the Kinder Transport children.

A time when Britain was proud to say we helped Jewish children flee the Nazi Party, not sure currently that many Tory MPs can feel proud of their recent actions.

My own Labour Party also needs to realise the further we move away from ever being in a position to form a Labour Government we are also letting down the children that Alf Dubs has fought so hard for to help.

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