Monday, 29 March 2021

Network fail!



Network Rail – ‘We got it wrong’


Over the last few weeks, Network Rail have removed a large number of trees beside the railway line close to Belvedere Road, Moat Farm Close and Brunswick Road - with chainsaws and large lifting equipment. Now they admit they got their communications very wrong. They sent a stock letter saying they were just going to be cutting foliage back with hand tools.  They should have explained exactly why they needed to cut down so many mature trees.


After being challenged by your councillors, they have claimed that those trees will be replaced at ecological projects somewhere in East Anglia.  That’s not good enough - we are demanding that they plant replacement trees in Ipswich.


They have also still not fully apologised to residents.  We will carry on contacting them on your behalf. In future they should consult with residents first before undertaking such work.


Alasdair Ross and Sandy Martin

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