Sunday, 18 February 2007

Making Belvedere Road Bridge safe

Since November I have with the help of residents from Belvedere Road been leading a campaign to make the bridge near the cemetery safe for both pedestrians and motorists.
The need for something to be done was highlighted by an incident at the start of November 2006 when a car narrowly missed two residents of Belvedere Rd who were walking their dogs.
One advantage of living within the ward (unlike the three tory councillors!) is that you can understand the issues that affect local residents better, I actually walk over the Belvedere Rd bridge on my way to Work.
The good news is that due to our campaign, signs are to be placed on either side of the bridge to make it clearer to motorists that they need to take care when driving over the bridge.
The chevron sign was put up in January (though at first in the wrong place- but I managed to get it moved) and hump back bridge signs should be placed up soon.


Anonymous said...

Well done to anyone trying to improve road safety in Ipswich

Anonymous said...

Mr Alasdair Ross, is a fine gentleman, with his priorities right, such as road safety, who I had the pleasure of serving with for 23 years in the Green Jackets, He is my friend, he shall have my vote. He is the man to make a difference to Rushmere Ward,A cross for ROSS!!!

Anonymous said...

hurrah for this man