Monday, 13 August 2007

Ipswich- Unitary status

"Ipswich can shape its own future" says Chris Mole MP, as he welcomed the news that Ipswich is to become a unitary authority.

Just back from holiday but just before I went we got the news that we hoped for- Ipswich was to become a Unitary Authority.

All Party support from the Ipswich Borough Council helped, and the Tory County Council are left to lick their wounds.

I for one wished for a more radical change- making Ipswich responsible for all within the A12- Copdock to Martlesham. also would have liked to have seen a reduction from 3 councilors a ward to one, but with smaller wards. That was never likely to happen with a Tory led council.

What now?

All out elections next May- 48 seats- so the next few months should see all the party's busy looking for and selecting candidates and at least in the case of the Labour Party- campaigning- not something the Tories seem to do in many parts of the town!

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