Friday, 17 August 2007

On the Radio

A couple of short slots on BBC Radio Suffolk- I thought that would be the pinnacle of my radio broadcasting career, but no- my talent has been spotted. On Wednesday evening I was a guest on the new football chat show on the new radio station in Ipswich - ICR, Ipswich Community Radio.

The show, the idea and presented by Town fan Graham Blackburn ,air's on Wednesday night between 1800 and 1830hrs. The other regular panel guest is Phil Ham, editor of the Ipswich town fanzine- 'Those Were The Days'.
The show has no name yet but we hope the listeners will come up with one soon- three grumpy blokes down the pub- one of the first suggestions sent in.

The show went well and I have been asked back next week, we may even soon be extending to a whole one hour!

You can pick ICR up on the Internet( and also on 105.7 FM.

Our first show was on ICR launch day and the place was buzzing with local bands playing in the adjoining car park, ICR is also running shows for a whole range of music styles- from R 'n' B to Psychedelia and also has a number of foreign language programmes for the many varied communities in Ipswich, Polish, Cantonese and Farsi- just a small selection.
Maybe a local politics programme may be heard on the airwaves soon.

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