Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Out on the doorstep with Meg Hillier

Ipswich was fortunate to have two cabinet ministers visit in 3 days, but very different types of visit. the first by Ed Miliband was part of the Eastern Region Local election launch, and had Ed also meeting the local police and residents as well as a large number of Labour candidates.

But today the visit was much more low key but far more beneficial(I believe) when it comes down to winning Ipswich back.

Meg Hillier a Minister in the Home Office, just had an hour to spare after arriving from Cambridge to attend an official function in Ipswich, she spent that hour knocking on doors with a number of Labour activists. we were in Alexandra Ward, close to the town centre, we were joined by the candidate for Alexandra Ward - Martin Goonan. I was very impressed by Meg Hillier, she got stuck in and was able to give a number of residents some very good advice- a few more ministers like her and we would be looking forward to a very good election all over the country.

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