Sunday, 13 April 2008

Tories campaining for Labour in Ipswich?

The Tories seem to want to help us win back Ipswich- and I must thank them for all the help they are giving us:

  • Paying the new Suffolk Chief Executive almost a quarter of a million pounds a year
  • Spending half a million pounds on buying and improving a small private road in Kesgrave
  • Keeping the Ipswich buses empty and our car parks full by charging £1.70 to get to town on the bus!

So thank you very much to the Ipswich and Suffolk Tory Party- and we are not just sitting around laughing, we are getting out on the streets of Ipswich, door knocking, leafleting, phoning- over 20 of us on the Racecourse Estate yesterday- the only blue win in Ipswich this year will have been at dinner time today when Ipswich Town beat Norwich- 2-1- All in all a good weekend.

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