Saturday, 24 May 2008

Back delivering!

Less than a month since the election and it was back on the streets of Rushmere delivering a leaflet. This time I could put down Councillor rather than just campaigner!
Two leaflets went out, the first on the proposed housing development on the site of the old Bristo's Garage on Woodbridge Road. 14 Town houses are planned for this site, I had submitted concerns from the residents of Khartoum Road, Brunswick Road and Stuart Close in December and this helped lead to the planning application being withdrawn in January. The new application has addressed many of the residents earlier concerns.

The second leaflet gave residents information about my meeting with the local Police Inspector for North East Ipswich, the meeting was to discuss a number of matters including the concerns of residents from one street who have become the target for a group of youngsters who have been acting in a very anti social way.

A reminder to all residents of Rushmere Ward, that you have an opportunity to discuss issues that concern us all at the next North East Forum, you will be able to speak to the local police, Councillor's and other agencies. the meeting takes place on the 5th June at 7pm, the location: Ransomes Social Club in Sidegate Avenue

You may even get a chance too see some cricket, if you come to the forum meeting!

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