Monday, 10 November 2008

Giles cartoons: Drawn to Suffolk

I have been critical of the Tory administrations lack of direction when it comes to the provision of both leisure and culture in Ipswich. Examples include the sudden debt at the Ipswich Regent and the complete horlicks they have made of swimming provision where they have told us they were going to save the Broomhill Pool, build an Olympic 50M pool at Portman Road and whilst talking about those two proposals they ran down the Crown Street pool and this week they have now said the 50M pool is dead in the water (sorry about the cheap pun) and that they are going to give Crown Pools a makeover!

But I will praise them for the opening of the Town Hall Galleries, it has given the people of Ipswich a chance to see visiting exhibitions and also to display some of the items that are often hidden away in the depths of the museum or the Mansion.

I enjoy most the items that have a local slant, and was happy that I could contribute to the 'Played in Ipswich' exhibition held 18 months ago. This week we see the opening of another exhibition with a local slant and one of interest to me as Carl Giles was a friend of my Grandfather. The exhibition features the work of the legendary cartoonist, Carl Giles. He lived locally and also created most of his cartoons in a small office above where the statue of 'Grandma' now stands. Because he lived near Ipswich he often produced cartoons for the Football club, local businessmen and charities. From this week through to the 17 January 2009 you have a chance to see a display of his work including a number of items from the Cartoon Museum in London. Get along and see these fantastic cartoons many featuring 'grandma' and her famous family.

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