Saturday, 20 December 2008

Dodgy "Charity collection" on Ipswich streets

I have received information from a number of Rushmere residents about "dodgy charity collections" in Rushmere. Last month we saw these unscrupulous people back on our streets. They put through your door a leaflet asking for old clothes to be put in a bag which they will collect from your door. Once the clothes are sold on the money raised will go to the 'Children's Welfare Foundation'.

Often the leaflets even state they are collecting for a Registered Charity. The Foundation were registered with the Charity Commission but are to be struck off as they have not even filed any accounts for last year. the firm collecting the clothes are 'Fortune International' who hail from Bedford. They blame the charity but when pushed they said all they had given the charity was a total of £600 in a year. Not much when they are out every day collecting over most of East Anglia.

The licensing department at Ipswich Borough Council are aware of this firm and they have not applied for a license, more worrying is that they believe this firm may even pick up bahs from doorsteps that are meant for respectable charities!

Advice= If in doubt when reading a leaflet, contact Ipswich Borough Council Licensing Department or the Charity Commission and pass on this information to other residents. Charities need all the help we can give them and getting rid of firms like Fortune International will help.

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