Sunday, 14 December 2008

"Magic" Jim no longer?

We all can find it hard to move on, or know when it is time to give up. This afternoon I was conned into playing sevens rugby, and at 46 when the next oldest player was about 26, not the most sensible of idea's! We came second, "The Dueling Badgers" that is. (I know-stupid name) But I have now officially declared that I am now retiring from competitive sport.

But it may not only be me who is finding it hard to give up. Jim Magilton, our Irish manager at Ipswich Town is determined to stay/hang on to his mangers post at the club. But many of us town supporters are coming round to the idea that a new man may be needed.

I loved Jim the player and I still admire his passion for the game and the club but tactics and man management need some work on.

So it may no longer be "Magic" Jim Magilton, but just plain Jim.

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