Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Tory run Suffolk in a pickle!

The 'do nothing' party seems to be getting ready to start 2009 with some idea's. Now don't get excited, they don't seem to have done much research into them as you will see with the latest one.

The Times online has the story that a Tory Government would cut the salaries of 'fat cat' Chief Executives of Local Authorities. Now you would think that would seem like a good idea, especially to the Tory faithful, and by looking at the comments at the end of the 'Times' story, it seems the blue rinse brigade are keen on this plan.. I am sure they will be joined by all the readers of the Daily Mail. But this is when research may have been useful. Of the eight highest paid Chief Executives in the country, six are at Tory run administrations!

So why wait till after an election, Eric Pickles - get your Tory run councils to cut these salaries now. Oh that is the problem, they like to pay high salaries to the likes of Andrea Hill in Suffolk and at the same time cut services to those who need them most.

Yes it is that Andrea Hill- Suffolk (Tory run) has the second highest paid Chief Executive in the country.

Andrea Hill giving Eric Pickles a call?

So if Eric Pickles can't even get 6 Tory run administrations to cut the salaries of 'fat cats' how the hell are they going to control those in the City!

Back to the drawing board Mr Pickles.

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