Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Lindsey Rawlingson for Rushmere

I am very pleased to be able to introduce the Labour candidate for Rushmere - Lindsey Rawlingson. Lindsey will be a great asset to the ward and it will be brilliant to have another Labour colleague to help me get a fair deal for Rushmere residents.

Lindsey has lived in Ipswich over 22 years and she has worked in retail within the town, she is a keen swimmer and is very concerned in the lack of money and thought that has been put into swimming in Ipswich.
We are fortunate in Ipswich to have locations like the Regent and the Corn Exchange but the Tories have no real plan in how to run them for the benefit of the people of Ipswich. The Corn Exchange to be closed for half the year, Film Theatre shut and now swimmers have to change in make do facilities.
Lindsey is also concerned about the planned Ipswich Buse sell off by the Tories/Lib dems.
Lindsey has already started campaigning for improved road safety measures outside Rushmere Hall school. She also joined me on a visit to Dundee House (along with Chris Mole MP) and is planning to join me to meet as many Rushmere residents over the next few months.
I am sure you will give Lindsey as much support as you have given me over the last two years.


Anonymous said...

I know Lindsey as a school governor. She always takes her responsibilities seriously and is a great additon to the Rushmere ward Labour team. I hope she wins - She'll be a great councillor.

Ipswich said...

Alasdair, does this mean you don't expect to win Rushmere? Only it strikes me that Lindsey looks an awful lot like a "paper" candidate. Surprising since you need to win this seat to take the Borough back? Or am I reading this wrong.

Ipswich Spy

Alasdair Ross said...

No paper candidate, we aim to win- Lindsey is very keen, works part time for the party already, has attended conferance, already involved in a scheme to improve road safety in Lanark Rd. She is a strong candidate