Tuesday, 16 February 2010

There is a spy amongst us!

Once a Spy had to go up '39 Steps' now they just have to set up a blog on Wordpress!

Since I have become involved in local politics, one of the things I have found most annoying is the little time that some politicians spend talking and communicating with their constituents. Another pet hate of mine is how some councillors fail to turn up at meetings, or if they do turn up they leave early. Now that we have very few meetings where the local press attend this has become even more prevalent. This is even made worse by the Tories running the council seeming hell bent on having as few meetings as possible with some working groups failing to meet for over 6 months. Now I will say that though the Tories are the worst offenders, some of my own Labour colleagues need to spend more time on the doorstep.

So after saying that I welcome the new Ipswich Political blog - Ipswich Spy, and hope it is here for the long term and not just the election period. This along with the Ipswich Community Radio Political site and Paul Geater with his blog in the Evening Star are all welcomed additions to the local political scene.
Now as a political anorak, of course I love these sites, but the way they report local politics can help get more people interested in politics, especially the youth of Ipswich, who I know have so much to offer and also lets hope Ipswich Spy and the other blogs keep local politicians on their toes.
General Elections never seem to fail to get people interested in politics, we just need to make sure they are still interested after May (or June!)
So well done Ipswich Spy, Ken Bates at ICR and Paul Geater

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