Monday, 19 April 2010

Bowled over.

One bonus from campaigning all over the town is that you come across streets and sights that you do not normally see whilst on your normal journeys across the town.
Tonight whilst campaigning in East Ipswich, I found myself in Marlborough Road, Ipswich. There are not many roads left in the town that I have not either delivered to or knocked on doors in but this was one of them. And down the end of the road I came across the Marlborough Bowling Club.

Ipswich is/was (not sure which one) a bowling hot spot and there are a number of Lawn Bowls clubs in the town, but most seem to be hidden behind residential streets, Newton Road, Roundwood Bowls Club and the Marlborough are just three examples. Here I have included two photographs of the Marlborough Club.
Maybe I should do a weekly visit to the bowls clubs of Ipswich!

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Gordon Campbell said...

And maybe you should even HAVE a game of bowls. You may be surprised how DIFFICULT it is to play the game competently. Most "never-have-played" observers assume that because this is a pastime mainly indulged in by older people, it must be easy. Hugely popular sport in Australia where the Commonwealth Games Lawn Bowls team is on average YOUNGER than the Australian Test Cricket team! Gordon Campbell (AKA Ranndy Stone) Melbourne Australia