Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Why doesn't Ben Gummer talk about MP expenses?

David Cameron was quick to attack the 3 former Labour MP's who are attempting to claim Legal aid to fight the corruption charges against themselves. Locally Tory activist Jamie Spencer seems to have a weekly rant about Chris Mole and his use of expenses to pay for an office in Ipswich but Ben Gummer would rather talk about legalisation of drugs and job prospects for graduates. Many would wonder why Ben is not following the Cameron trick of blaming Labour for every expense scandal. Now it may be because, Chris Mole was found to be one of the few MP's who did not have to pay anything back to the government and has also led the way by publishing all his expenses on his own website. But many may believe that the silence from Ben on the subject is more likely to do with his father and his exorbitant claims he made on his Suffolk property, claims for Mole removal, removing Jackdaw nests and various other garden tasks, many that never saw a proper receipt. The release of those Gummer expenses by a Tory paper ( you can read here) may have been the reason that John Gummer stood down, because I am sure if it had been a more planned decision to retire from front bench politics we would have seen Ben standing in Felixstowe not Ipswich. So I look forward to Ben and maybe even Bridge News talking about the MP expenses scandal that seemed to pass Ipswich by but did see a sudden departure from politics by the Suffolk Coastal MP - over to you Ben and Jamie!

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