Sunday, 25 April 2010

Kunnan Terrace - do you know the story behind the name?

Whilst out in Ipswich canvassing this morning, I found myself in Suffolk Road. It bought back many happy memories as both my late mother, my sister and a good friend had all lived in this street. I knew the corner shop had been turned into a flat a few years ago but whilst passing today, I noticed a brick plaque built into the flat wall.

Kunnan Terrace 1947 - 1991, at first I thought it may of been when the shop was there but then remembered it had still been open in this new century.
So what does the plaque mean?
Now I did go to the school with the owner of the shop, one of the Ipswich Singh family, so have a feeling it may be to honour his father the first Singh to own the shop. Is that the true story behind the plaque? If you know different let me know.

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