Thursday, 3 June 2010

Best hotel in the world?

Never expected this blog to start advertising items or services but I just have to give this hotel a plug.

Hotel Altstadt - Kirchengasse 41, A - 1070, Vienna, Austria

My wife and myself spent the bank holiday weekend in Vienna, (plus a day in Graz to see the England - Japan game) and we really enjoyed the city, the sights, the friendly Viennese and superb beer. But the highlight of the weekend was the Hotel Altstadt and their staff. It is luxury but with also a feel of being in your own home, the superb pieces of art on the wall, the fantastic furniture, modern lighting and on top of that free cake and tea every afternoon at 4!

There was a slight cock up with our reservation, but the friendly staff sorted it out quickly and even gave us a bottle of champagne!

If you get a chance, visit Vienna and there is only one place you can think of staying - Hotel Altstadt - the best hotel in the world.

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