Tuesday, 7 December 2010

In shock- No Road Crossing patrols for the whole of Suffolk

There is not much I can say at the moment, first of all we still do not know all the facts but secondly I can't believe that any council- never mind what Party would attempt such an act!

Rumour has it that the Tory run Suffolk County Council is now going to get rid of all lollipop Lady/men (Road Crossing patrols) throughout Suffolk!
We lost our lollipop lady at Sidegate School in October and we warned the same thing could happen at other school's in Suffolk. But at no time did I think even the Tories would attempt such a massive cut.

Tracey Grant, Labour activist at the Sidegate Crossing - minus Lollipop lady

It is easy to blame the County Tories, rural thinking, no connection to Ipswich, busy urban roads but one of the senior Tories who has made this decision is not only a Tory Borough Councillor but Judy Terry is our Rushmere Ward Councillor! She even mentioned a comment on an observation she had heard at a meeting at Sidegate school, that 'drivers were now driving more carefully' since the lollipop lady had left, what she forgot to mention at the County Council meeting that there had also been a number of near accidents that may not have occurred if the crossing patrol had been there.

She may think as she has over 3 years left before she is up for election again that this will be forgotten, how mistaken she is.

I and my Labour colleagues will continue to campaign for the reinstatement of not only the Sidegate Crossing Patrol but the retention of all Crossing patrols throughout Suffolk.

In Rushmere I am being assisted by local Labour activist, Tracey Grant in our fight against Tory cuts.

I am sure that most Rushmere residents will support us in this fight to retain the Crossing Patrol's - children's safety should be put before financial savings.


Anonymous said...

I really think that this is terrible, the very small cost of the Lollipop persons wages to keep our children safe should not be the reason for taking away this nessesary safety precaution.
To think they probably spend more on Tea & Coffee's at their meetings ina year than the wages - this woman needs to sort out her Priorities as she's putting childrens lives at risk!
If you set up a petition I will sign it as I bet will many more!
A Concerned Local Parent!

Anonymous said...

Cutting school crossing patrols is a proposal to save some of the £40m which has to be saved in the next couple of years. No decision has yet been taken, and it may not affect all patrols.

At Ipswich School, for example, the caretaker undertakes the responsibility.  

The county has a £4.8 trillion structural debt, and a £155 billion annual deficit (the difference between state expenditure and income). Funding to local authorities is being reduced, so SCC have to find different ways of delivering improved services, without adding to local taxpayers' financial burdens by increasing Council Tax. 

Under the previous Labour administrations at both the County and in Ipswich, Council Tax was increased by 18% and 9%, respectively, in a single year - that is not sustainable.  

Paul West said...

riversideview - I hope the County doesn't have a £4.8 trillion structural deficit otherwise I am handing in my keys tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Paul, you woill be relieved to know that it is the country that has a £4.8 trillion structural debt and not the county. Fortunately, Labour have never managed to gain control of the County lately so the county's finances are alright.