Saturday, 12 February 2011

Nice to be thanked

I did not become a councilor in Ipswich just to get a 'thank you' for everything I do on behalf of the community, but it is nice when you do get thanked and also when you can see the result of the assistance you have given.

Last year the Northgate allotment group (Sidegate Lane/Colchester Road) asked for my assistance in getting funding towards a permanent toilet block on their allotment site. I was able with the assistance of Conservative Cllr Eileen Smith to secure some funding towards the scheme. The allotment group came up with a well researched plan and funding of their own and so the installation of the toilet block has commenced.

An example of the Tory 'Big society'? - no, it is just what communities have done for years, getting together as a group and improving a facility for themselves and other users. But it took time to get the funding and then months to get the build started, so how do the Tories expect residents to come up with £40,000 in just a few months and take over Rosehill or Westbourne Library?

A large number of Rushmere residents are keen to help others, but they need support, funding and guidance from all layers of local government - instead of what we currently have - just the threat of closure if some vast sum of cash is not found within a very short time scale.

Well done to the allotment users on the Northgate site, I look forward to the 'Grand Opening' (and thank you for my 'wheel barrow' card).

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