Saturday, 3 September 2011

Care for Casualties

This morning I was campaigning in Ipswich town centre with fellow Labour colleagues as part of 'We love our NHS Day'. But whilst in town I noticed another stall decked out in Rifle Green. I went over to speak to the two men who were raising funds for my old Regiments charity- The Rifles and 'Care for Casualties'

Neither of the men had been in the Royal Green Jackets or the Rifles but they were doing their bit for the regiment as their father had served in the Kings Royal Rifle Corps.

Bob McHenry is now 85 but spends every weekend raising funds for 'Care for Casualties'. this weekend he had two bookings, so whilst he was in Clacton he had sent his son to Ipswich.

Their effort is much appreciated by those who have served in the Royal Green Jackets and the Rifles - Thank you.

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