Sunday, 4 September 2011

Mr Gummer, have you lost your voice?

At the start of his time as MP for Ipswich, I quite often found myself criticizing Mr Gummer for the time he took to set up an office and get a website up and running.

His office is now open and a website is up - it looks flashy enough and also informative in parts. you can find out when Ben speaks in Parliament and you can also check his expenses on line. But for all that, with the length of time it took I would have thought the news stories and blog posts by Mr Gummer would be more up to date.

That is one of the problems I have with Mr Gummer, he is in the paper most weeks, often commenting on national and local issues but when it comes to something vitally important to Ipswich residents we hear nothing!

So Mr Gummer if you read this post, I (and I am sure other Ipswich residents) would like to know your views on these matters, and how will you vote in Parliament on them?

I believe so far, Mr Gummer has always voted with the Government.

1. NHS Reforms, the public are concerned, nurses are worried and even Doctors do not seem keen on the Tory proposals for the NHS - Mr Gummer, what do you think, and how will you vote this week?

2. New proposals for planning - Supposedly, the reduction in paperwork and red tape will make it easier to build homes. In Ipswich we have the Northern Fringe Development. Not heard much from Mr Gummer. Dr Poulter our other MP, believes the new plans will not see building on the Northern Fringe for at least ten years, and Dr Dan just thinks we should continue to build on brownfield sites in Ipswich (your constituency, Mr Gummer) Not sure residents on Foxhall Road would like to see any more brownfield development in East Ipswich, our roads already struggle with the current traffic. Even a senior Ipswich Tory (and ex Councillor) does not seem keen on what he is hearing from Dr Poulter and also Tim Yeo - read it here. But Mr Gummer, what do you think? Will we see building on the Northern fringe, or do you want it to stay as greenbelt and would rather see more buildings on brownfield sites in the town?

3. Nadine Dorries, your fellow Tory MP is trying to get through a bill that would make it harder for women to get an abortion. The Prime Minister has even let it be known that he will not be voting with her, but what about you Mr Gummer? Will you vote with the PM or with Mrs Dorries? I remember attending your selection meeting, slightly ruined as an example of democracy by certain questions only being asked to certain candidates on the pro-life debate. I am sure many Ipswich residents would like to know your view, and how you will vote (on their behalf)

Over to you Mr Gummer, maybe you could use your next Evening Star column (or your own or Ipswich Tory website) to answer these three questions.

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