Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Golden Key - planning application refused

Good news for Rushmere residents – the planning application to build a supermarket on the Golden Key site on Woodbridge Road was refused by the planning committee in Ipswich this morning.

Greene King has stated that the retailer was not Tesco and that they may still open a shop in the existing building.

I was allowed to speak for 7 minutes at the meeting, I emphasised the traffic issue and also the detrimental effect that a supermarket may have on our small independent shops.

Greene King may appeal, in my conclusion I stated that if they wished to build a shop then a joined up plan with the BP garage would be a better option as that would put less pressure on the traffic as they could share entry and access. We will see what happens next.

It was disappointing that the Tories and Lib Dems spent much of the meeting having a go at myself and the local Labour Party for delivering our leaflet about the plan for the Woodbridge Road site. I thought this was because they were for the proposal but only the Lib Dem councillor eventually voted for the plan. The Tories all abstained, (including our own Tory councillor for Rushmere – Judy Terry) so we are not really sure where the local Tories stand on this issue.

I am sure this was not be the last we will hear about this plan but at least for now we will not see a large supermarket on the site.

I must thank all those who supported our campaign; it was an honour to represent the views of Rushmere residents this morning.


ipswichspy said...

So no apology for confusing the electorate by insisting it was Tesco despite being told by many people, including the Evening Star, that it wasn't?

Alasdair Ross said...

I have spoken, knocked on doors and emailed most of those who wrote to me, I have informed them that Greene King state that it is not Tesco's - Not one residents has got back to me to say now that they have changed their mind and want a shop- as Cllr Maclure and Ben Gummer stated, this is not the correct location for a supermarket.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I notice that a new planning application, supposedly revised, has been submitted. Although nothing has changed apart from adding a couple of windows to the side elevation. None of my plethora of original concerns have been addressed. Also the numerous flaws in the frankly biased assessments (noise, traffic etc) are still self evident! In addition it seems it has now been made even harder to raise objections or concerns as this now has to be done in writing and not via electronic submission. I thought the local council / authority were supposed to be working for the tax payers and that local residents should be having a greater say in local decisions. Makes me so angry. I hope local residents will be contacted and given a fair chance to again voice their opinions about this intrusive proposal.