Sunday, 20 November 2011

Liberals leaving a sinking ship

Whilst looking at recent local election results came across this interesting set of statistics.

Since the May 2011 local elections there have been 28 instances where councillors have defected from one party to another:

Labour have had 9 councilors Join them from other political parties and had one member defect to another group.

The Tories, have lost 3 to defections but gained seven from other groups, but it is no surprise to us involved in local politics that it is the Lib Dems who have seen the most defections since May. they have gained one councillor from another political group but have had 16 of their councillors leave for other groups.

Liberals leaving a sinking ship?

Have edited this post after a Lib Dem complained- I was just using a common English term used when anyone flees what has become a lost cause . Apologies for any offence caused.


Ken Bates said...

Sinking ship? That's why in the St. Margaret's By-election we increased our percentage and Labours' dropped. The Lib Dems are far from sinking, Alasdair. Incidentally we're not rats.

Ken Bates said...

Thank you for your apology, Alasdair. As I mentioned, we're not a lost cause.

Alasdair Ross said...

No offence meant - you must admit the figures do not make good reading, I can understand those who leave because of principle but often it is because they just want to try and keep their seat or because they have fell out with their previous party colleagues

Alasdair Ross said...

For those who were offended - read this -

maybe I should have left the post as it was

Ken Bates said...

Thing is, Alasdair, if you Google the saying the interpretations vary.

Alasdair Ross said...

I know you said you had not heard it before but it is quite a common saying. If you do google it you will see it is in the news thais week after the description has been used to describe a number of the US presidents economic advisers 'jumping ship'

Winston Churchill used it on a umber of occasions.

I am trying now to ignore Kevin to be called a nazi - was one step to far, and as usual use the tory trick of calling the Nazis - National socialists. as a Liberal I thought you would have comented on that.

I do not understand how the Ipswich Conservatives have not stopped him or Spencer from printing their insults.

Ken Bates said...

Alasdair, I would've commented earlier with regards to the Nazi comment if I'd seen your reply to our debate, but it's not my fight.

How Tory activists choose to see things and blog them is none of my business.

Alasdair Ross said...

May not be your business but I would expect a politician of any party to speak out when an actions oif a Cllr is compared to the actions of the Nazi party. It is everones problem.

Ken Bates said...

I'm not condoning any actions of other party members, if I was compared to a Nazi, I wouldn't be happy, as you know from the 'rat' comparisons. Maybe it might be worth approaching the Chair of the local Conservative Party, but I fear they are powerless to do anything.