Sunday, 20 November 2011

My week ahead 21- 27 November

Monday 21 November 2pm North East Ipswich Partnership Meeting
4pm - Culture and Leisure Portfolio Meeting
6pm - Campaigning

Tuesday 22 November 7.30am - Breakfast briefing with TA and Reservist soldiers - Bury St Edmunds
7pm - Launch of Labour 'Friends of the Forces' - House of Parliament

Saturday 26 November 10.30am - Labour campaigning, North West Ipswich

This week I have been the target of a number of personal attacks, some would say if you 'live by the sword, you die by sword'. I understand and enjoy the rough and tumble of politics, I understand that when you say (or write, or tweet) something it may be used against you in the future. But when it is just out and out lies it can make you angry. I was accused this week of having my mind set on being the Mayor of Ipswich - rubbish!

More serious were the accusations made about how I have acted as a Governor at Sidegate School - this was most hurtful.

Even more strange was the timing of theses attacks, they came in the same week that the Tories in Ipswich were up in arms after Ipswich Spy had published a post highlighting the current in-fighting in the Ipswich Conservative Constituency party. Maybe they should look at the posts they publish themselves first.

A true friend of the Armed Forces

I am looking forward to Tuesday when I am the launch of the Labour 'Friends of the Forces' at the Houses of Parliament, it will be an honour to walk into that building and then meet and talk to Dan Jarvis, Jim Murray and Lord Robertson - men who really care about our Armed Forces - unlike a certain Liam Fox.

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