Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fly tipping off Brunswick Road

A number of residents have asked for an update on the action the council took against the owner of the garages located between Belvedere, Brunswick and Whitby Road

The council served an untidy site notice against the owners in December but as most of you know, the owners have failed to clean up the site.

I have been in contact with the Council Officers and it has now been agreed that the council will now take the matter to Court and look to gain a prosecution.

What we do want to see as residents is that the area is cleaned up and does not become a location used by fly-tippers.

The council will also inspect a tree by the garages; it seems to have died and now constitutes a hazard to a number of residents in Belvedere Road.

Taking a landlord to court is not something that either the council or myself wanted but it seems we have no other option in this case.

There has been an increase in fly tipping all over Suffolk, not helped by the Tory run Suffolk County Council closing waste sites all over the county. The site at Chelmondiston has announced that it will close next month.

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Anonymous said...

But Foxhall and Portman Road are both open, how many Rushmere residents will drive past them to go to Chelmondiston?

Alasdair Ross said...

Have you seen the queues at Portman Rd, people from South Suffolk are already using Portmans Walk - look at the pictures, saw police chasing fly tippers in Woodbridge area 3 weeks ago. Problem getting worse

ipswichspy said...

Oh agree its getting worse Alasdair, but much of that is commercial companies not wanting to pay proper prices. I had the same problem with asbestos being dumped on some land near me, thankfully it was cleared safely and properly.

The point I was making was that the closure of Chelmondiston (by a group that took it on, not by SCC) won't affect your voters much. I concede that extra long queues at Portman Road might affect them, but I still think it is more likely anyone with a car who wants to use the tip will go to Foxhall from your part of town. Less traffic to mess with.