Sunday, 28 July 2013

My week ahead 29 July - 4 August 2013

Monday 29 July - 6pm, Labour campaigning, East Ipswich

Tuesday 30 July – 9am, Campaign Day in Oulton Broad for by-election

Wednesday 31 July – 10am – Visit to Christchurch and Holywells Park

Saturday 3 August - 10am, Labour campaigning, South West Ipswich

This week had an enjoyable evening with the Ransomes sequence dancing club, the Council have helped them find a temporary location at Gainsborough sports Centre whilst they wait for IBC to take over the running of the Ransomes Sports Club.

The members of the club made myself and the Mayor very welcome and told us how they were looking forward to going back to Ransomes once the legal situation is sorted out. The club are also happy about our proposals on how the site will be run and the improvements we have planned for what has become a very ‘tired’ pavilion.

The local Tories seem to be in disarray, local splits in the Ipswich group over the selection/de-selection of candidates for the Borough elections next year and more worrying for the residents of Ipswich seems to be the breakdown of trust between the Suffolk Tories and Ipswich Tories. This has caused a major fall out over the Tory run Suffolk plans to introduce lights on Bishops Hill and the removal of the mini roundabouts on Norwich Road.

I am not sure if the lights will benefit residents, but what is certainly true the lights were not in the original plans and there has been no consultation with local residents over the issue. This has now led to a public spat between the Tory County Portfolio for Transport, Graham Newman and leading local Tory, Liz Harsant.

There also seems to be no attempt by the local Tory MP’s Ben Gummer and Dan Poulter to bring the two groups together – trouble is it is only Ipswich residents who will lose out over this.

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