Monday, 4 January 2010

Ipswich has an advantage- we know the Tories are still the same 'nasty' Party!

Just had a Tory Ben Gummer leaflet through my door- as a politics anorak, I read it - and I quite like Ben but I could see no mention of the mess the Tory (with help from their Lib Dem friends) have made of Ipswich.

We have an advantage in this great town as we know for all Cameron's talk the Tory Party is still the 'nasty' Party. In Ipswich they can't even get on with the Tories running Suffolk County Council.

All we have seen is mis management - with the latest Tory/Carnell scheme the maddest of the lot - selling off Ipswich buses. We have also had:
Crown Street Car Park shut
Crown Street Swimming Pool neglected
A promise of a million pounds towards Broom Hill Swimming Pool removed
Planning to close the area Housing Offices
Passing on as much work as they can to private consultants
Planning to close West Villa

And most of this done behind closed doors!!

What next?

Selling off the Refuse collection?
Council Housing?

So in Ipswich use that knowledge of knowing the Tories have not changed by voting Labour this year - in both the local and General Election.

But it is not all bad news in this town as a Labour Government has seen the building of new schools, the current building of a new 6th Form Centre, a new University, a new building at Ipswich Hospital and millions about to be spent on the A14.

On top of that is it just me? But every time Cameron talks about the NHS, it seems he is attacking the brilliant staff that the NHS has, no praise for their sterling work.

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